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Before you invite someone into a trusted position, have a background check done before you put your business or personal life at risk. Background checks can be used for a variety of purposes and are a good way to have confidence that someone with whom you are involved personally or professionally is disclosing all necessary information. Employers often use background checks to get verification of previous employment, driving records and to ensure there is no criminal activity. This is an important step in the hiring process especially in positions where employees may handle sensitive information or who may be working with the public or with children

Minimize Your Risk

Background checks are all about minimizing your risk. I’ll help you determine the integrity of your new associate through my background screening services and help you minimize the risk of these types of situations:

Confidential Information

Hiring Employees

Hiring Executives

New Partners

Buying a business

Selling a business

Law Suits and other Litigation

Getting Married

Prenuptial Agreements

And more.

Information Provided in Background Checks

  • Address History

    Where have they lived for the past 10 years? You may be concerned if they move around a lot, less moves usually means more stability.

  • Internet Activity

    That include your subject’s name. This will give you clues as to their behavior and other activities and businesses they may be involved in.

  • Business History

    You will learn about businesses where your subject has been principally involved. Any corporations, DBAs or other organizations.

  • Legal Filings

    Bankruptcies, liens and judgments will help show you if they’ve had possible financial trouble

  • Litigation History

    Civil and criminal court filings in the areas of current and previous residence

  • Real Estate & Owned Property

    This should give you some idea of their net worth. It will also show stability.

  • Resume Verification

    Are you hiring a new employee, I’ll check their work history, education, certifications, etc. I find everything.

  • News Articles

    We can research years back for mentions of your subject and their activities.

Best background checks for employers. Having the security that background checks were made will not only allow the employer to feel better about their hiring decision but it may also reduce the liability of the company should something happen in the course of employment and the company is sued.

Background checks are not only for employers, though. People will do personal background checks on other before getting into a personal relationship with them. This is becoming even more common with the increasing popularity of online dating services. Because the Internet lends a certain amount of anonymity to a person, the other party can get information and check their story by doing a background check. This is a good safety precaution especially with the news stories of abductions and abuse at the hands of people they met online. Knowing the person on the other end of the computer is telling the truth is not one hundred percent guaranteed that something bad might happen but it reduces the odds significantly.

A person can determine if they want to meet in real life after the back ground checks are complete.

Background checks can also be conducted for people who are trying to search for long lost friends or relatives. Even if there is only a little bit of known information, you may be able to get previous addresses, employers and criminal history that will help track the other person down. There are a number of back ground check services available. They can be found in a local telephone directory or online. Many employers who hire frequently subscribe to these services to do background checks on all prospective hires. They will get a discounted rate for the number of checks that are done each month.

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What Shows Up on Criminal Background Check

A criminal background check can throw up a lot of information on an individual including previous arrests as well as conviction and non-conviction information. The information is obtained from Federal Fugitive files, files from the Department of Corrections prison, state criminal records, databases on sex offenders, and prison parole records. There are various agencies that perform criminal record background checks; these agencies have access to more than 200 million criminal records from all across United States, local courthouses, and the National Criminal File.

The information revealed in criminal record background checks is of critical importance to employers of all kinds. Childcare institutions are extra careful about recruiting personnel and check if the prospect has a record for child molestation. Employers, such as infirmaries and hospitals need to make ensure that their workers do not have a history of violent behavior or drug abuse as they may be required to handle drugs.

Industries that execute government contracts will not want employees with an anti-establishment disposition or with a terrorist connection. The information provided by a criminal record background check can also help neighborhood communities to get an idea about individuals planning to move in. The process of obtaining criminal record information consists of contacting a company that provides such a service; one should have a clear understanding of the type and extent of information required. This helps in obtaining the information quickly and at a lower cost. All the same, there are some free resources as well, such as the local police station that may be maintaining an online database of convicts and sex offenders.

A standard criminal record background check includes the name, race, gender, D.O.B, number of offenses, date of conviction, risk level, and charges. The information provided can be used not only by employers but also by landlords who wish to do a background check on prospective tenants. This is because simple credit checks are no longer considered sufficient; it is perfectly possible for a person to have a good credit record but some other blot on his record.

The growth of the Internet has resulted in burgeoning sex crimes and online frauds. Often face-to-face meetings set up after online acquaintance end up in an unpleasant experience for one party. This can be avoided by running a criminal record background check.

At the same time, the Internet has also made it easy for people to look up the backgrounds of others. In fact, many databases provide criminal background checks for people not only in the U.S but also in Canada and the U.K. One should keep in mind that in order to avoid getting caught in a criminal case, a background check from a traditional agency should be obtained. A check done from agencies providing instant checks may not yield complete results.

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